Katie... SUPER POPULAR and our resident table dancer... Oh I wish I was kidding... Haha Katie is a breath of fresh air. She is a lively, outgoing and such  a talent.

We are super lucky to have such an asset - and she fits in so well to our exuberant salon team.
ANOTHER Senior - who can do it all! How lucky are we??
Kitty - is a born Vampette.


Why Hairdressing?
" School - or do a course haha, here I am, 21 years later..."

Why Vamp?

"Being a part of an awesome team, opportunities, community, to meet new people and build new relationships!"

What is your role at Vamp?
"Senior Stylist."

What is your bag? Ya know... What do you love doing and what are you fabulous at?
"20 years I have been a part of this industry. Whether it be classic bobs, lobs, textured pixie cuts and  beachy and shaggy cuts - I love it all - love matching cut's with colour's - metallics, natural's and  blonde's. It can really strengthen a look, getting a colour to compliment my client's cut."

Career achievements?
"Back in the day - lol - made finalist for Goldwell ColourZoom - got flights and put up in a 7 star hotel - didn't even know they existed! Fortunate to travel around a lot. Have been to plenty of courses! Haha won an "Achievement in Managing" - ring a ding haha."

Celebrity hair crush - whose do you want and whose would you kill to do?
"Gaga - Although majority wigs - she still has rad hair."

Fave music?
"David Bowie, New Order, White Stripes, Black Keys, Old School Rock - anything goes - but NO S Club 7!!!"

Fave food?
"Anything spicy!"