ZOE BETHUNE - senior stylist - Employee of the month.... every month, if you ask ZOe...

Zoe is beyond clever and capable in all areas - but her main strengths are long hair colour and anything BANANAS!
She does tick quite a few of the VAMP boxes...
Clever with colour TICK 
Innovative with techniques TICK
LOUD AS F*#K - TICK  (Shall we say... her voice carries... BUT it has toned down A LOT. xxx
ZoBo has a heart of gold and is a magical and loyal team member of Vamp.
She is passionate about her colouring - being a perfectionist at every level.
Zoe... is not just a whiz with her scissors and tint brush - she also is our savvy techie... Yes... Emma sorts the social media but Zoe is the one who sorts the computer guff and telephone glitches when need be! Hopefully rarely!




Why Hairdressing?
"I have always had a passion and interest in hairdressing. Started from a young age of cutting my Barbie dolls hair and then crying as it wouldn't grow back! I love being able to make people look and feel their best. And you meet so many awesome people!"

Why Vamp?

"Such an awesome vibe in the salon, amazing people to work with. Emma is definitely the best boss I have ever had! You all become family."


What is your role at Vamp?
"TO BE EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH! - lols.... Senior Stylist."

What is your bag? Ya know... What do you love doing and what are you fabulous at?
"I love doing crazy out there stuff! The crazier and brighter the better. Love comps but I also love doing beautiful natural colours. Soft and subtle balayage. Love working with curls and massive thick hair as my own hair is like this and teaching people how to manage it is life changing for them."

Career achievements?
"I enter in hair comps most years and have placed in many different catorgies including colour, cut, upstyle, ball make up and creative makeup."

Celebrity hair crush - whose do you want and whose would you kill to do?
"Billie Eilish! I love everything about her. She's unique and doesn't care about what people think and her hair is always different. And I'm different so I think we would go like peas in a pod!"

Fave music?
"Anything except scremo crap lol. Mainly listen to reggae, R'n'B, hip-hop, pop and anything old school. But also whenever Katie is around you have to put on some S Club!"

Fave food?
"Anything that's not Spicy but chicken is always a go too - Awwh and chocolate!"