" VAMP Prices" 
Our pricing is innovative and broken down for you to know everything you are paying for. You choose where the service begins and where it ends. 
All our services include a thorough consultation to determine the best colour for your skin tone and what style will suit your daily routine. Whether you want something bright and bold, or classic and beautiful, our highly trained stylists will advise you the path to achieve your perfect look.
We will go through the maintenance and also a customised home care advice program to make sure your colour stays in optimum condition  and to make it as easy as possible for you to look after.
Here at Vamp, the price list is unique - It is so you know exactly what you are paying for and it is up to your discretion what services you choose.
All of our colour prices are based on a normal application and usage of color, for extra long or thick hair there will be an additional charge, quoted during consultation - which is complimentary - and we will give you an accurate quote at this time - no hidden costs. We encourage questions at this time so you feel completely at ease before your service so it is as relaxing as possible. There is nothing like cringing at the end, wondering how much all of this fabulousness will cost. We want to take all of the concern away before we begin.


The absolute staple - we all need a well tailored hair cut


A Weave & slice - can change your life!


Nothing will supercede an allover colour for shine


When you can't be bothered, have broken your arm (it happens!) or have a hot date


You have to look after your tresses - treatments? Necessary!


formal, wedding, a night out - we can do it


Wax or tint - we have you sorted

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While we do recommend coming into see us - We will absolutely endeavour to give you an ISH price. 

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