Melissa taylor - Senior stylist - make up artist - training coordinator

Holy Toledo! Mel B, (maiden name Burgess...) started at Vamp after she finished at school and when what I thought was a peak... decided to have a wee break... and THEN returned. This girl had well left her mark with people that she had touched from a couple of years earlier - evident when they HAD to return to her. You can't debate the talent as when people move on - they urm stay on... but Melissa had people so excited that she was back that they returned from elsewhere.
Experience and talent ooze out of this one. Previous Fudge Creative Team - Apprentice of the year - Freakin' champ!
Excellent and innovative colourist as well as pretty nifty with the scissors. 

We felt like we won lotto when she returned!

Melissa started with us as a wee bubba... completing her apprenticeship with Vamp - building a mammoth clientelle and being super well liked and respected by clients and fellow staff alike.

Decided to take some time to reflect - Missing the 'making people happy factor' she slotted back in with ease.
She wears many hats... Senior Stylist, Make Up Artist, Trainer, pretty much our Vamp ambassador.

Likely she will always be standing out, by looking the hairdresser part - Melissa is always looking a bit spesh but she is also perhaps the most softly spoken of the Vamp girls. Doesn't mean she won't get her point across! Just don't mistake her quiet ISH demeanour as meek.
Melissa's roles here at Vamp - to train and upskill - BUT You may find she can make some time to BEAUTIFY you.... If you can get in that is...

Super Cool, Super Laxed and Super Talent.

Why Hairdressing?
"Because I love making people feel good about themselves. It is such a satisfying feeling knowing that doing someone's hair can make them feel so good. Now with my new role as trainer, not only is it a fabulous opportunity but I enjoy helping the girl's get a better understanding of things they are struggling with. Seeing them exude such happiness when they grasp something from putting it into practice and gaining great results. "

Why Vamp?

"I came back because I missed it annnnnd because it is where I grew up."


What is your role at Vamp?
"Trainer, Senior Stylist, Make Up Artist, Helper, All rounder...."


What is your bag? Ya know... What do you love doing and what are you fabulous at?
"Colours! Soft Ombre's, lush reds and all of the stuff in between!"

Career achievements?
"Fudge Creative Team, Certified Make Up Artist - before my break at hairdressing having a chocka clientelle was pretty humbling."

Celebrity hair crush - whose do you want and whose would you kill to do?
"Nina Dobrev, Emma Stone, Lucy Hale, Kylie Jenner."


Fave music?
"80's and 90's rocks, MY BOYS - Ed and Bruno and The Beatles."

Fave food?
"Pizza, Chocolate and Chicken."