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Time for a change, a step up or a new challenge?? 
We are an innovative and creative suburban salon in bustling  South City.
A walk in and appointment based salon we cater for all. Small but BUSY!

We are after a Stylist - Qualified, or perhaps you are about to be... Perhaps you have skills that you want to build on. We are open to chatting to any awesome folk - We just want someone with a great attitude and a team player!

How do you like the sound of NO SATURDAYS???
We, as a team, opted for a 4 day week for the salon - with each of us getting Saturday, Sunday and Monday off.
Make no mistake - we work hard for the days we are in the office, and bust out amazing work on the stunning VAMP clientele.
BUT after lockdown - a better balance of work and life was something that I really wanted for myself and my workmates.
Our late nights conclude at a very reasonable time of 8PM and on the Friday - we finish at a comfortable 4PM - enough time to get home and decompress to do whatever you choose to do on your Friday evening.
Be it - feed the ducks at Q Park, dinner at Nana's OR to go get a shandy at your local.

The culture within the salon is super duper important to us.
We wrote our salon code together - what we want from one another as a team.
It is largely based upon team work, appreciation, gratitude, honesty and no bullshit.
Team is everything - We discuss and make choices as a collective.

We work fabulously well together, assisting each other, as well as interact with each other's clients. If you have ever been into Vamp  - you will see that it is friendly, energised and relaxed. I want everyone to have Vamp feel like their second home.  Clients included.
It is a very easy place to work and enjoy - if you can stick to timeframes and are not interested in stirring any pots. There are no pots here to stir - so please keep your pots and stirring utensils at home. :)

If you think you and your clients would like this as a change and you would like to be present in a fun, working environment that always tries to do things a little different and IF our values align with yours, then please get in contact. I would love to hear from you.
(TRUST - Your clients will LOVE the atmosphere here and all we offer - including how transparent we are with our pricing.)
If you wish to send a C.V - that is fabulous. Either by email or by post. But just chatting is always cool too.
As I know - us hairdressers - we do not generally have the good old Curriculum Vitae up to date lol.
I am also well aware that we are verging on our busiest time of year - so if a 2021 start would suit you and your current employment then I am open to that also. 

Open to most things actually - hours/days etc :)

Contact details are at bottom of page
(We are undergoing renovations at the moment - so excuse the place for the moment)

Thanks so much

Emma xxx

What we are looking for...


* Gotta love a hardworker - Who uses initiative and tends to clients within timeframes and completing general salon tasks with positivity without jeopardising quality.

* Excellent people skills - You can you chat with ease to people? Ah.... but can you also listen? And make it about the lovely person in the chair - not many people want to hear about your broken toe or how your cat, Suzy, who has an ear infection....
* Fantastic personal presentation - Wear what makes you comfy - dress tidily and feel free to flaunt your uniqueness. 

* A great team player and someone who is reliable.

* Someone keen to adapt and also keen to continue growing and learning.
* Enjoy a giggle... This is ABSOLUTELY necessary... 

Feel free to contact me confidentially with ANY queries

c/o VAMP

9a Martin Street