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Offering you the service, knowledge & talent of award winning stylists.

Vamp is bringing you an unbeatable combination - Offering you the opportunity to rock on in OR to grab that booking with your favoured stylist. While also offering you fabulous hair at a competitive price. We are AWARD WINNING STYLISTS that believe hair should not have to cost a large chunk of your wage... Finding ways to avoid telling hubby how much you spent at the salon is no way to live

We are professional BUT we find it crucial to retain a relaxed atmosphere... with OCCASIONALLY the odd 'naughty' word popping out...

Hair is about expression, creativity and going to the salon - is a treat for you and for us.

AS STYLISTS - We are pretty basic - To clarify... Our NUMBER ONE is always the client and our NUMBER ONE OBJECTIVE is making all clients feel completely at home at Vamp. We know all too well, how salons can feel initimidating and less than friendly. That sux! You are way more likely to see us looking a bit worse for wear with our make up sliding down our face rather than checking ourselves out in the mirror.

If you really enjoy a good time, where you can be yourself wholeheartedly, with zero pretentiousness THEN Vamp just may be for you.

It is busy - and as we are the size of a shoebox - it can get a little manic - but the atmosphere is SECOND TO NONE!

EST. 2004 

Vamps Background

Our goal is to "Dare you to be Different" - As stylists we are each different - Our salon is a little different and we think it is important to stand out with fabulous hair.
We just do not see - why a salon should be anything less than interesting and bright! A chance to decorate a space unlike your home


We are professional but also really enjoy a good time, completely approachable and gossip is a massive "NO NO" in Vamp.

Come to a salon where individualism and beauty are combined and embraced. 
This is where ORIGINALITY is where it is at...

If you are looking for gossip and rose oil, this isn't the place for you, but if you're looking for a great atmosphere, knowledgeable stylists and fabulous hair, you've just found your new favourite hair salon sweetcheeks.

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Our pricing is innovative and broken down for you to know everything you are paying for. You choose exactly what services you want.


9a Martin Street

South City