Who we deal with and what we use is extremely important to us at VAMP.
We cover all bases - 100 % Vegan, Excellent Colour Pigment Shampoos and the BEST Styling Range - FUDGE - of course...
NO professional salon will commit to the longevity of your colour without the right gear to look after it home.



The Fanola Prestige Colour is a complete and innovative colouring cream enriched with Ginkgo Biloba, that offers protection and a longer lasting result.

The range of 104 shades, 11 superlighteners, 6 intensifiers, 3 toners is formulated for safe, uniform and reliable colour performance. Our collection consists of permanent, semi-permanent colours, colour bath for maintaining colour and refreshes, warm tones with cool pigments, flexible range. The professional colouring cream is low in ammonia only 1.6% ammonia in each tube.


NAK is our professional colour and product supplier - we LOVE Luxury. We love what they stand for.

NAK - an all Australian hair care company providing the professional hairdressing industry with hair care products.

Vamp Hair & Make Up Parlour in Invercargill

Vamp Hair & Make Up Parlour in Invercargill


"We love hair. We want people to have fun with Fudge.

We believe in self - expression and risk taking.

We think good hair inspires. Good hair shouts.

Good hair says this is who I am. Good hair wears its heart on its sleeve.

With the right tools for the job, we invite you to make yourself memorable.

To have the hair you love. Come tease with us. Curl with us...

Colour, dip, shine, straighten....."


“If everybody looked the same,” the song goes. “We’d get tired of looking at each other.” That’s something we heartily believe at Fudge. We are loving the surge of non-conformity and individualism that’s sweeping the fashion world at the mo. Eccentricity and a blatant disregard for trends are now the norm – and amen to that. As our creative director, John Vial says: “Be true to yourself, decide what you like and then run with it. Creating your own personality and character is empowering and we are truly celebrating the individual for the first time ever!”








"Professional Haircare"
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