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Here it is - Our beginning of making over Invercargill...

In our industry, a fabulous industry it is, generally models are picked within a certain age group and also particular sizing. We are not going to be inhibited by other peoples choices and short sightedness. 
So we decided to do our "own thing" for a tad and begin doing VAMP collections - named after COOL songs! Basing them upon the pin ups of old, rock 'n' roll, trends and movies. Anything that does it for us really! A bit like our IN SALON pictures... we do things a bit different...
So when we do want to do put out there that we are after some models... please contact us. We do get bombarded - and we do attempt to contact all that express interest but it can be tricky.
Nothing rules you out - Forget your age, sex, race and size!




Vamp Hair & Make Up Parlour in Invercargill

Vamp Hair & Make Up Parlour in Invercargill

Vamp Hair & Make Up Parlour in Invercargill

"Girl with Golden Eyes"  - May 2015
Jaimee... Gorgeous... Easy shoot.




"Peppermint Twist"  - February 2015
Claudia and Courtney - this was so much fun.
Not much to say - we just rolled with the rock so to speak.


"Living Dead Girl"  - November 2014
Kylie - We were lucky enough to shoot in Invercargill's old movie theatre. A lot of it still remains in its original state. 
Have to admit... was a little eerie. But quite an experience.



"Black Betty"  - July 2014
Bam a lam - Rose was a complete gem - turning it on for us in these pics.
We went for Victory Rolls with a twist. 


"Crimson and Clover"  - March 2014
We LOVE a bitta Blondie and Joan Jett - SO they were our inspiration here. This was such short notice but Alisha and Alex were absolute gems.
We wanted a lot of texture, movement and looking a little dishevelled. 
Blondes, red ands mahogany tones were what we were wanting to exploit - "Crimson and Clover"



9a Martin Street
South City



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