Which Blonde for you??

There are a multitude of different blonde shade and also a variation on what is required to do to achieve such looks. Plus we also throw in changing trends.... The important thing for our clients to understand is to know that not everyone is suited to being all shades and depths of blonde... (AND some people are just freaks and suit it all - We ALL know someone) BUT more often than not, there is a type of blonde accompanied with the right technique that will look good against your skin tone.

If a change to the "light" is of interest to you then it must begin with a “investigative” consultation from one of our stylists.

What do you like about your current hair color? What do you NOT like about it? When we know what stays and what goes, we can move on to the cool stuff. Commitment to colour is questioned as we want our Vamp peops looking A1 ALL of the time... How often can we see you?

These answers guide us to a blonde that meets all the criteria — half a head of microlights with a smattering around the nape to discourage the regrowth effect; Balayage with babylights; or even platinum.

Why is this detailed consultation so important? Because each of these applications require completely different time obligations at the salon… There’s no point in giving you icy platinum, if you are not down for repeat and VERY regular visits. From here, we look at existing natural hair color, also how much colour build up (THIS is crucial and can deeply effect the timeframe of the goal shade) skin tone, eye color, the current health and integrity of the hair and also personality. Once we can source all of the info... then you’ll find that we are pointing directly to the perfect shade, depth, tone, and technique for you.



  • Olive skin tone, ranging from dark to light.

  • Easiest to obtain from uncoloured hair. As when we are lifting out colour... we have to go through all the lovely warm stages. Important not to thrash it too.


  • Suits a warm skin tone - but we can tailor to any client by doing less warmth at the root and/or around the face.

  • I always dug Jennifer Aniston's colour and its tones. The beauty of it is - she would cool it, warm it, lighten it or deepen it. Not large changes - but it always looked on point. She was sporting the 'paint on colouring' and balayage techniques 15 years ago.


  • Both warm and cool skin tones can pull off this pinkish blonde.

  • The warmer the skin tone, the more gold we add in your formula, the cooler the skin tone, the more rose we add.


  • BIG commitment but looks fab on a variety of people! Looks rad on people who wear their hair shorter. Very striking and looks edgy with some new growth.

  • Make sure you can commit to seeing us every 3 to 4 weeks for your regrowth to be touched up.

Did we say - MASSIVE COMMITMENT - you don't just have regrowth to combat - you also have toner to maintain.

At the end of the day - everyone can do THEIR version. Not many can pull off all shades, hues, and levels. But there is a BLONDE for everyone... It may mean JUST foils or nothing too close to your face... Perhaps you need depth at the root so you don't appear washed out... Patience may even be required in some cases... But if you are soughting a "lighten up" of some description, SOMETHING can ALWAYS be achieved. TEAM VAMP xx