Salute To Braids - and maybe a slight change of topic... wouldn't be me if I didn't :)

To be fair - this post is a bit of a cop out and purely just a salute to a VERY current trend... Braids. There is no denying braids have been on the brain for quite some time... I am hilarious with the puns... And all variations on braids or plaits alike. We continue to welcome this trend and all it's unique possibilities.

Romantic softly "done" braids to being absolutely badass with some fierce boxer braids. We use them on our little girls - to keep out of their face for school or our slightly bigger girls - who are off to the ball. Integrating braids or plaits into a sophisticated up do. For the wee tykes - on damp hair, popping in some hair product with substance - like Fudge Salt Spray - and then parting right down the middle and braiding either side - leaving until the morning - will give you the most heavenly crinkly and AMAZING smelling hair! Let us not sound sexist... as the boys have been seen sporting buns, braids and cornrows for many years also. Good braiding looks magic too. There is no restriction as to what or whom!

Braids are seen on the red carpet, school yard, or the runway - They can be tightly secured or left soft and billowy stemming from a traditionally casual pony tail... (The pony - another underrated YET formidable hairstyle) OR they can be integrated into a classic chignon.... (chignonˈʃiːnjɒ̃/nouna knot or coil of hair arranged on the back of a woman's head."her hair was drawn back from her face into a chignon") GOOGLE all the awesome pics/ideas available...

Chunky, fine and tight, no hair tie then a braid will suffice across the front of the head, integrate a ribbon or some other rad accessories.... LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES - flowers, metal hoops, safety pins... Have I lost you? Haha

I think we should take more chances with hair - it returns after all. But this comes from me who is currently sporting a near No.4 after receiving chemotherapy. I have never been particularly 'precious' about my hair though so a whacked out colour or cut was never too shocking.

If that is stretch... then playing around with braids - is a way to look current and even if your skills aren't terribly flash... don't stress as a laxed braid is as 'in' as a 'tight' pristine one. Slight change of path this blog... It makes me simply want to encourage all women out there to do 'something' in the morning with their hair... And the ease of what you can do to feel 'Done'.

The day will feel better and your self esteem will thank you for it.

Below is two of our treasured Vamp models - Cybill and May.

Cybill (Fuschia & Purple) donning some boxer braids and May (Baby Pink & Purple) wearing some simple reverse "Khloe K" braids.

Both services available at Vamp - these were done by our Mikayla.

Cybill and May

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