As Glenn Frey would sing... "THE HEAT IS ON!" - Avoid these styling mistakes...

Let us chat about technique AND the damage that can ensue from incorrect temperature selection.

1 - Do not take for granted the importance of hair care. If you are an avid user of the hair straightener... and like with all of our clients whatever the service, it begins with the shampoo and conditioner.

Moisture retention is key. So we also suggest regular in - salon treatments and alternating with a at home treatment - We recommend "NAK 60 Second Ultimate Treatment" - loving the 1 minute factor. 2 - For the straightening and curling iron action itself - prep is A MUST! Here at Vamp, we recommend giving your hair a spritz with "NAK Heat Beat" (A leave-in thermal spray created to protect dry finished styles prior to the use of hot styling tools).

3 - Sectioning - Clips are key and if you haven't been using them, then life is about to become a whole heap easier...

Seven areas: top, right side, left side, right crown, left crown, right nape and left nape. Begin at the back of the head, moving forward and ending at the front. Important to also keep your sections even.

4 - Don't rush - Lots of girlies tend to rush and mow over the same section a multitude of times. One section done slowly should be all that is required. 5 - THE BIGGY... Temperature! - Too hot removes too much moisture. Not only is it unnecessary it also could mean more trims at VAMP than you may be keen for... Always use tools with adjustable heat settings. A GUIDELINE -

Thin or damaged hair: 75c - 100c

Medium hair: 125c - 150c

Medium to thick hair: 175c

Extremely thick hair: 200c



* Pressure - Squeezing isn't necessary... straightener's nowadays are super awesome so just let them glide through the hair. * Curls with your straighteners - You only need to do a half turn with the iron. Turning too much will give inconsistent curls. * Cooling for longevity - To make your curls last, pin each curl then let them cool completely. * Wrong direction - Be sure to tilt your tool upwards, when it should be facing down.

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