" VAMP Prices" 
Our pricing is innovative and broken down for you to know everything you are paying for. You choose where the service begins and where it ends. 
All our services include a thorough consultation to determine the best colour for your skin tone and what style will suit your daily routine. Whether you want something bright and bold, or classic and beautiful, our highly trained stylists will advise you the path to achieve your perfect look.
We will go through the maintenance and also a customised home care advice program to make sure your colour stays in optimum condition  and to make it as easy as possible for you to look after.
Here at Vamp, the price list is unique - It is so you know exactly what you are paying for and it is up to your discretion what services you choose.
All of our colour prices are based on a normal application and usage of color, for extra long or thick hair there will be an additional charge, quoted during consultation - which is complimentary - and we will give you an accurate quote at this time - no hidden costs. We encourage questions at this time so you feel completely at ease before your service so it is as relaxing as possible. There is nothing like cringing at the end, wondering how much all of this fabulousness will cost. We want to take all of the concern away before we begin.

If a colour is your service of choice, sit back and relax after choosing from a array of beverages on offer and perhaps paint your nails at our petite nail bar.



A VAMP FAVE! A delicious basin experience followed by a cut. Our stylist's trim your hair to create shape to suit your face and lifestyle. A brush blow wave or straighten to finish.



After a rejuvenating time at the basin - We will tidy your hair up to suit. Ending with a dry off using our hands. Creating volume and movement or encouraging sleekness



This is a fabulous option for the 'Girl's with curl's' - Sink some moisture into the hair at the basin and proceed with a wet cut. No drying required - just some product to hydrate and define.



No need for all the frills? If a quick trim is all that you require, but by a skilled stylist... Book in for a dry trim



Includes an optional shampoo before OR after if you want the pesky hair removed for the remainder of your day


Clipper Cut

A timeless classic for people looking for ease and low maintenance


Fringe Trim

Complimentary for Vamp regular's.


Bettie Bangs

Is a full, blunt and short fringe. Hot stuff!


Children Under 10

Of course a lollipop, glitter & spikes.


Children 11 - 17

** $10.00 Extra for Blow wave/Straighten



New season? New Man? Then duh.... new look! Who better than the skilled stylists at VAMP.


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Vamp Hair & Make Up Parlour in Invercargill

Blow waves and Sets

For you sexy sirens who want to maintain your rockabilly look week to week







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You have to look after your tresses

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This is the ULTIMATE - Keratin will smooth your ends - IF you have dry and damaged ends, but is great for all hair types. It shortens drying time too! Just super! How it rolls - We apply after shampooing and then proceed with application of the SUPERSTAR product! There are a few rules for afterwards - so please - take heed what aftercare your stylist specifies.

$3 Per Gram

Express Treatment - Seventh Heaven

A lush treat for the girl on the move. A treatment prescribed by your knowledgable stylist. We can target a variety of issues. Applied at basin with a quick 5 minute penetrative massage


Fudge Dynamite Treatment

Reconstructs, Rebuilds, Rehydrates, Repairs, Relaxes and "Oh my" it even ReVAMPs


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10 Foils

Fabulous for adding texture or disguising regrowth


Short - 1/2 Head of Foils


Medium - 1/2 Head of Foils


Long - 1/2 Head of Foils


Short - Full Head of Foils


Medium - Full Head of Foils


Long - Full Head of Foils


Classic Full Head of Foils


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