SAL MINEHAN - senior stylist - Blonde specialist

Sal is our resident class clown... She is the absolute biggest fan of 'meme's' and 'GIF's - and laughs at her own jokes (HARD).
Her work with blonde hair is reknowned - colour skills, second to none.
Some of Sal's achievements to date...

Recently... Sal had her work featured on the COVER of prestigious and INTERNATIONALLY reknowned hair mag ESTETICA.

Some of Sal's other achievements...
- De Lorenzo "Get Noticed" Award 2014 - Special Award. 
- De Lorenzo "Get Noticed" Award 2015 - Colour Winner. 
- Lust Colour Comp 2016 - People's Choice. 
- Lust Colour Comp 2017 - Finalist. 
BUT quickly - and as a testament to her skills,  Sal has accrued a pretty phenomenal clientelle.


Why Hairdressing?
"My mum did part of her hairdressing training when she was 16 so she used to do our hair when we were kids. When I was 13 she cut my hair short and permed it ... and that was the last time she ever done my hair. If I wanted to go to a salon I had to get an after school job in one, so I did when I was 16 ... I got back into hairdressing again 8 years ago after leaving to have my family.

Why Vamp?

."I have always followed the Vamp page and admired their work and style. I feel I can learn so much from the team and take my hairdressing to the next level and be part of a fun exciting family along the way.


What is your role at Vamp?
"Senior Stylist."


What is your bag? Ya know... What do you love doing and what are you fabulous at?
"I love blonde work and long hair. I love brights and bolds. I love the feeling you get when you have made someone feel like a new person and they walk out feeling like a million bucks. Photography is my hobby and it's worked hand in hand really well with my work."

Career achievements?
"The awards already mentioned. I'm very proud of those, I hope to add to them."

Celebrity hair crush - whose do you want and whose would you kill to do?
"Totally crushing on Katy Perry's new pixie cut and I would kill to do P!NKs hair!!!"


Fave music?
"Pink would be top of the list, can't wait for her concert. Fairly mixed taste, old school, and new and used to be a closet country fan... but now I'm out and proud in my cowgirl boots. Just been to melbourne to a Luke Bryan concert and best concert ever was Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood!"

Fave food?
"Give me coffee, good cheese and chocolate and any Central Otago wine and I'm a happy girl. (I soooo became a wine snob living in Central".