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Time for a change, a step up and a new challenge?? 
We are an innovative and creative suburban salon in South City - which is effectively cranking and the place to have a shop of any kind!
A walk in and appointment based salon we cater for all. Small but BUSY!  Which brings me to...... How do you like the sound of NO SATURDAYS???



The culture within the salon is extremely important to me. Largely based upon team work, appreciation, gratitude, honesty and no bullshit.Team is everything - and appreciation is expressed in a wide variety of ways.We work fabulously well together, assisting each other, as well as interact with each other's clients. If you have ever been into Vamp  - you will see that it is all about the staff, pumping and advertising each of us. I want everyone to have Vamp feel like their second home. 

If you think you need a change, would like to work in a fun environment that always tries to do things a little different, BUT primarily that  our values align with yours, then please get in contact. I would love to hear from you.
If you wish to send a C.V - that is fabulous. Either by email or by post. But just chatting is always cool too.
All applicants will be replied to.  Contact details below.

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Some questions answered...

* Wages - How we work... Our BASE RATE for SENIOR STYLISTS is $24 per hour. We have a unique commission system which can amp up your pay CONSIDERABLY with  the possibility of up to $42 per hour - AND it IS achievable. A stylist is a business within themselves - so if you have worked hard at making, retaining a clientelle and a whiz at selling retail then you should be rewarded and rewarded well. Our Seniors are barely ever on the minimum rate that is in place - regularly reaching VERY easy and attainable targets. It is easy to comprehend once you have a look at our commission structure.
* We don't push competitions, they aren't for everybody. If they are your bag, you get our full support. 
* We do awesome individual shoots and annual team shoots. Sometimes random and sometimes racey but always different.
* It is busy but absolutely a fantastic place to work and be. I am pretty sure the rest of the crew do too. Contact them to see...
Any other questions please contact me.


What I am looking for...


* Gotta love a hardworker. Who uses initiative and can be quite speedy without jeopardising your work.

* Excellent people skills.

* Someone who gels well with myself and with my fabulous staff.
* Fantastic personal presentation.

* A great team player and someone who is reliable.

* Someone keen to adapt and also keen to continue growing and learning.

Lastly - I can say EASILY - this particular team is absolutely primo. They work with each other and help each other insanely well. I cannot speak highly enough of each of them. 
I love my staff. They work hard, and I in turn, do whatever I can for them. 
You would be blessed to work with such lovely individuals... Haha it is true though.

Feel free to contact me confidentially - 

c/o VAMP

9a Martin Street



Currently looking for the right someone