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Fresh outta nail school - BUT keen as mustard to see your nails sporting a victorious and spectacular look - flick me a message on my cell OR on my facebook page.

Don't judge a book by it's cover - the abrasive looking logo - is merely to have a wee giggle. 

Starting out with rather mediocre timings - I am aiming for 30 minute services but let's be realistic for the moment and expect 45 minute services.
I am located on Bainfield Road and relatively flexible with times. This will change in time however.

Currently offering
BASIC BISH - HANDS - Classic ONE colour gel applied to all of your 10 digits! - $20

BASIC BISH - FEET -There is NOTHING like having your feetsies looking unashamed and ready to face the world! Peeling your socks off - will never be a mundane task again! - $25

FANCY PANTS - HANDS - Wee bit of razzle dazzle - ooh let's play! Glitter. Foils. Stamping - $30

0226402059 - Emma