Melanie thurlow - Munro - senior Stylist - ladies specialist 


Little wee Mel... Tut tut - She likes Melanie - we knew that much off the bat! 
24 years experience injected VAMP!!
She can precision cut like a boss! She can foil like a demon -  bringing her own techniques into Vamp. Enjoys a yarn.... boy does she ever.

Hahaha her voice has her coined as being "The songbird of our generation..." (Haha **Ya feel me?... Any "Stepbrothers" fans in the house??) If you like the Aussie twang... That is sarcasm... Haha but we love it!
She likes to be a ball of happy so will only settle for the same result from her clients. She will will truly endeavour to deliver with your hair - so you are unquestionably feeling like a superstar!

Her red locks suit her no other way other than looking like a mild electrocution. So "Sparky" was my gifted nickname for her... Sometimes she takes to it with straighteners... but it just weirds me out haha.
She dons red hair, she specialises in red hair - she is #ALLREDEVERYTHING - Gifted with delivering hot reds, soft coppers, burgundy with the depth of the Atlantic!


Why Hairdressing?
"Because it was never going to be anything else!! When I was 5 I cut my own hair, proceeded onto my dolls (much to my Mum's displeasure)... family, friends and eventually (real) clients haha... I just love that feeling of being excited and pleased with my work. Making people feel happier, makes it all worth while. Just LOVE hair."

Why Vamp?

"To get in touch with my creative side. to be part of this special vibe that this team display. To learn and to grow as a hairdresser. To do it all."


What is your role at Vamp?
"Senior Stylist... and still learning."


What is your bag? Ya know... What do you love doing and what are you fabulous at?
"Blow waving! Natural, soft and that frames the face. All blow waves, short to long... Annnnnd blow waves with voluminous curls. Hair ups are also a fave."

Career achievements?
"My loyal amazing clientelle that I spent years creating in Oz. I miss them dearly. It was a hard move to leave them all and start again!"

Celebrity hair crush - whose do you want and whose would you kill to do?
"Omg... Taylor Swift... Taylor's hair is freakin' amazing. Gorgeous and never out of place. No matter what style she is wearing it in. Huge crush on Alesha Dixon, she is stunning. Jennifer Aniston.. her colour - she makes minor changes but it never dates. Love to get hold of Drew Barrymore's hair and calm it down some..... She seems pretty awesome (we would be great mates.) And Johnny Depp for obvious reasons. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on his hair??!"


Fave music?
"Old school rock and 80's music...ANY!"

Fave food?
""Cherries!!! Can't get enough of them! Fries of course and Rum & Raisin Ice Cream."