"I have been going to Emma ever since she set up her own business in South Invercargill in 2004. When she set up her business it was a small and modest operation and she pretty much worked seven days a week to build it up to the successful business it is today.  I’m probably one of her most loyal customers.  I recommend Vamp to all of my friends and family and have done for years.  I believe Emma is one of Invercargill’s most talented stylists and if she worked in Auckland people would pay a lot of money to have their hair done by her!  She has put together a team of equally talented and creative stylists who are all very dedicated to their craft and know the value of customer service – this is one of the reasons why Emma’s business is so successful.  There are a lot of good hairdressers in Invercargill but I like going to Vamp because it very community-friendly and everyone is welcome.  They know how to have fun and genuinely enjoy where they work.  If I’ve had a bad day and I just want to go and put my head in a book and talk to no one they respect that.  But if I want to go and have a few laughs and tell some good stories they are always up for it.  Recently I got married and I asked Emma and her team to do all of the hair and makeup for my wedding.  It was a big ask!  Not only did the team have to do hair AND makeup for my three bridesmaids and myself on the day but they also had four little flower girls’ hair to do along with my Mum and my sister’s hair.  Not only did they manage to fit this all in like the complete professionals they are, but they also created some stunning hairstyles and makeup for my wedding day.  I had so many lovely comments about my hair and the bridesmaids’ hair and my gorgeous flower girls.  A special thanks to Emma, and the girls who were working that day, they helped make my wedding day very special."

- DIANE BYARS - Invercargill City Council


"Good hairdressers are hard to find but great hairdressers are very few and far between. I have to travel to Invercargill to get my hair done as I live in Christchurch. The atmosphere at Vamp is brilliant and the girls are fantastic - always make you feel welcome, have a bit of banter with you and the best bit is you walk out feeling like a model! Shar really knows how to get the knots out of your head when shampooing! Emma - yeah she's not too bad - nah in all seriousness I love getting my hair done at Vamp as the cut Emma gives me still remains a style once it grows unlike other salons I have been too. Love you girls and definitely recommend Vamp to anyone!"

- AMY WILSON - Insurance Broker


"Think you've already got a good hairdresser? B***h please. I was one of those people who had such scary experiences with hairdressers that I started doing my own hair. One bad perm, asymmetrical layers & 5 shades of orange later I found VAMP on Facebook. I stalked Emma & her team for a few months before making the call & have never once regretted the decision. At the end of the first appointment my hair was shining, one length & one shade of the most stunning auburn that I get stopped in the street over.
Emma & the VAMP girls not only know what they're doing, they somehow reach into that picture you brought in of that chick out of that movie & come up with the perfect cut, colour & plan to keep you looking amazing. I have, out of desperation, gone to ONE other place since. They had a great local reputation yet fell miles short of the shine, depth or the shape my hair has at the hands of VAMP.

The icing on the cake? Emma is not content with being great. She is constantly pushing herself & her team into new challenges & goals. Just follow them on Facebook - every month someone's getting up-skilled, someone else is being selected to style something & someone's winning an award. VAMP is the one & only.

The shorter version to the above... I travel 6 hours every month for Emma. The shine and depth of colour VAMP creates is ridiculous! No matter how good you think your hairdresser is, unless they're part of the VAMP team you're lying to yourself, baby!

The self indulgent version... I get stopped in the street about my hair. I love attention. *giggles & flips hair*

The Shortest version... VAMP? F**k Yeah!"

- LIV MCBRIDE - Radio Personality/Musician


"VAMP, you are amazing. I have been coming to you for years now with my 'rabbit fur' hair and everytime you have managed to make it look great.
I can say that because my family and work collegues always comment on the colour and cut, even to the extent, that some are coming to VAMP now for the same fantastic treatment.

I have to add that the special treatment 'EMMA' gives me is fantastic.....she specifically styles, colours and straightens my hair and makes it look great.
One day I was walking down the street and Emma said to Plod, "That ladys' hair colour is really nice." Only to realise it was me and SHE is the culprit for the colour. So thank you Ems for taking care of my hair with the professionalism and consideration everyone deserves...you are the BEST!!!!"



"Emma and the team from VAMP are absolutely amazing, I leave every time feeling fresh and they know exactly what I want, will never consider going anywhere else."



"I have been going to Vamp for about four years now. They are such a great friendly bunch of girls. It just always has a nice feel. Emma, my hairdresser is amazing she always knows exactly what I like and don't like and listens to what I say. Some hairdressers that I've been to listen - but don't hear - that doesn't happen at Vamp!!!!!

Would highly recommend both Emma and Vamp to anyone.  I am also always impressed with Emmas' management skills. Other bosses should take lessons off of Emma. I hve never heard those girls say a bad word against her which is pretty amazing. I think she really does things right!!!!"



"I seldom leave a hair appointment feeling "beautiful and newly improved" HOWEVER today I left Vamp with my head held high. My hair a stunning colour suited to my style, my image and my lifestyle. LOVING THE NEW ME! Emma is quirky, fun and listened to exactly what I wanted. She read between the lines and worked some awesome magic. I'll be back!"



"The girls at Vamp are the most friendly of people. When you arrive they always welcome you. They are helpful and always have a smile. I like coming to get my hair cut and coloured with them because of how great they are! I have been a client for 12 years now and WOULD NOT go anywhere else. I would recommend the girls to anyone If you are looking for a hairdresser try ANY of the girls at Vamp. You won't be disappointed. Keep up the good work girls!"

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Testimonials from a small few of our fantastic clients

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