Carri smith - SENIOR STylist - make up artist - specialist at it all - pretty spectacular all around...

Emma knew RIGHT off the bat that Carri was a shoe in for the position that was vacant. Even above applicants with 3 times the experience, their qualification and working in high end Invercargill salon's. She had passion and drive to add to Vamp! That was what Emma wanted!

Miss Smith has raw talent like we have never seen. Show this little fox something once and it is banked. Naturally gifted and her skills are forever growing. 
Carri is the calm that Vamp needs. So chilled and unbelievably unphased by things that would unsettle even the most zen of people. So if a bit of laxing is what you are after, this is the stylist for you!
With fabulous skills, Carri also can give you the best of the best colours. Ombre is a fave and also a clear talent of this little chiquita. She can blend your colour so seamlessly you will not see where it begins and where it ends.

A wonderful all rounder. We suggest you check out her work below. 

Hair Up's - tick. Colouring - tick. Cutting and Restyling - slam dunk.
We cannot stress enough - Quite the freak and an unbelievable talent!

Carri - is all about staying chill while we are all frantically buzzing around.... Taking each thing a moment at a time and being sure each client gets everything they came for and to a high standard.


Why Hairdressing?
"I've loved the idea of being a hairdresser since I was little, always straightening my friend's hair and having a play with it. It's more than a's a passion. I love knowing that I can help somebody feel good about themselves!"

Why Vamp?

 "Good vibes, wicked atmosphere & great girls..Why wouldn't you want to work at Vamp!"


What is your role at Vamp?
"Haha, a Senior Stylist with skills!"


What is your bag? Ya know... What do you love doing and what are you fabulous at?
"I loveeeee colour and how much confidence a good colour can give someone...I strive for perfection everytime! I also heard I give a pretty good massage...just sayin'!"

Career achievements?
"Felt pretty mint getting my qualification. But have plans and goals that I want to achieve."

Celebrity hair crush - whose do you want and whose would you kill to do?
"Queen Bey all the way! And Khloe Kardashian..those blonde locks make me all sorts of jealous...and I'd love to get my hands on Joel Madden and his hair...and Rihanna, always something different!"


Fave music?
""I enjoy a bit of everything! But will admit I could live without rap... defo not my jam."

Fave food?
"Baconnn! Mac 'n' cheese and K fry."